New video, TV show, radio shows and more!

That’s right, a new video, just a few days after we released the one for “Pyromaniac”!

For those who bought our Limited Boxes, you can now access a new and exclusive video for “Deadset”! Open your box, grab your unique access card, click on the yellow Privilege Area ribbon at the top of the site, and enter your unique access code. This will give you access to our goodies section, with many cool stuffs, including a link to our hidden video. Check it out, we’re very proud of it!

Still don’t have your Limited Box? Go buy yours!

Our song “Deadset” is in heavy rotation currently on the CrankUp web radio in the US!

We’re shooting today for the “Une dose 2 métal” show on L’Énôrme TV! Here’s a pic from the Dooweet Instagram account:

…and a video of us playing “Deadset”!

This Thursday, we will be interviewed on two French radio shows:

Finally, have you bought your tickets for our next show at La Boule Noire? Go buy some!